Director/Co-Writer/Producer: Robert Hamilton


Robert Hamilton is an award winning filmmaker who most recently produced, co-wrote, and directed his debut feature film KEY in 2012. The film hauntingly depicts the story of a forensic pathologist who, during a routine autopsy, finds an antique key inside the stomach of a suicide victim. His investigation into the seemingly inanimate object leads him down a dark path of obsession, insanity, and murder. Since its completion, KEY has gone on to win multiple awards on the festival circuit including Best Horror Feature at the 2012 World Music and Independent Film Festival. The film was acquired for worldwide distribution by Los Angeles based Osiris Entertainment and was released on DVD and Video On Demand in October 2012.

Executive Producer/Co-Writer/Producer: Marco Scola

Marco Scola is a Writer and Producer living in Los Angeles. Having graduated from UMass Amherst with a degree in both Journalism and Photography, he moved from Boston, MA to California in 2009, to pursue his passion for film. He began his career working as a Writer's Assistant to the creators of SPIKE TV's BLUE MOUNTAIN STATE, before moving on to work as a Casting Associate for the wide release feature comedy PROJECT X. Since then, he has worked in a number of production capacities for projects such as THE EMMY AWARDS, VH1 STORYTELLERS, THE PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARDS, and FOX's animated version of NAPOLEON DYNAMITE.

Cinematographer: David Newbert

David Newbert is a Cinematographer based out of Los Angeles. Born and raised in Philadelphia, David’s interest in cinematography began to flourish at a young age while working for his father’s video production company. His passion for storytelling and photography led him to Temple University, where he received his Bachelors Degree in Film & Media Arts. After moving to Los Angeles in 2004, David expanded his knowledge and experience in film while working on over 30 major motion pictures and television programs as a lighting and camera technician. Using these new found skills and abilities, David began shooting various short films, music videos, and commercials that led to his first feature film, KEY. For his work on KEY, David was awarded Best Cinematography at the 2012 World Music and Independent Film Festival. David’s second film, MARFA GIRL, directed by legendary filmmaker Larry Clark, won the prestigious Golden Marc’Aurelio for Best Picture at the 2012 Rome Film Festival.


"Henry Dawles": Nick Apostolides

"Mr. Remiel": Phil Amico

"Rebecca Dawles": Elizabeth Deo


Nick Apostolides was originally born outside of Boston, MA where he developed a love of the arts from an early age.  The intrigue was creating something from lesser parts.   All throughout, he was in awe of the cinematic experience - finding incredible inspiration by some of the most memorable characters that have been immortalized by his favorite actors. Nick took a risk and has since left a successful career in hospitality to inspire people through film acting and has been building this career for 4 years. Now, 50+ film projects later, he recently moved to LA and continues in the right direction continuing to book lead roles in features/shorts alike out west.  Though very sociable, Nick has always been in part an introvert and from this place, he enjoys playing characters with depth, complexity and a sense of mystery.  

Phil Amico began acting in 2006, after retiring from a career in food service management, when he landed the role of the King at Medieval Times. Since then he has had many live theatre roles including Shylock in Shakespeare’s THE MERCHANT OF VENICE. He has appeared in Industrials and PSAs, done voice overs for commercials, political ads, industrials and museum narratives. He has appeared in a music video for the heavy metal band DARKEST HOUR and in many indie films, both shorts and features, including his award winning role for “Best Supporting Actor” in THE PATIENT at the 2009 World Music and Independent Film Festival. All this because he checked the Craigslist “Talent” section looking for something to do in retirement after his plans to be a part time realtor crashed along with the Real Estate market.

Chad Eric Smith, a native of Washington, DC, is an educator, ghost tour guide, musician, and an award-winning actor. He fell in love with acting as a student at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, where he performed in several stage productions. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Chad played a variety of quirky characters in more than a dozen stage plays in theaters in and around Pittsburgh, including the internationally renowned Kuntu Repertory Theatre. Chad has also held leading, supporting, and featured roles in web series and several independent films, including the superhero comedy SQUID MAN, the romantic drama LAST NIGHT, and the upcoming films SECRET CITY BLUZ and ZOMBIE TED. In 2014, Chad co-wrote and starred in his award-winning film directorial debut, the short vampire comedy DARK THERAPY. 

"Ahmad": Chad Eric Smith


"Mrs. Gates": Lee Hamilton

Lee Hamilton, opera-singer/mezzo-soprano and actor, has been a permanent member of the Metropolitan Opera Chorus in New York for the past twenty years. Portraying hundreds of contrasting characters (on stage, radio and Met Live in HD), she has sung in many languages and is fluent in French and Italian. As a chorister, she holds two Grammy Awards (Best Opera Recording). Her solo roles at the Met include the "Page" in Rigoletto, "Second and Third Orphan" in Der Rosenkavalier, and a "Lehrbuben" in Die Meistersinger von Nürnberg. A native of Baltimore and a graduate of the Johns Hopkins' Peabody Institute, Ms. Hamilton was a past winner in the Metropolitan Opera Regional Finals. She made her solo debut with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center. She has also appeared with numerous regional opera companies including Washington National Opera and Baltimore Opera. Two favorite roles were "Aldonza" in Man of La Mancha, and "Carmen". She also enjoys hiking and nature, fitness, tennis, and gardening.

Elizabeth Deo was born March 6th in Southern California and grew up in Riverside. At a very young age, Elizabeth’s family noticed how talented of a singer she was and they always encouraged her to put on a show. She eventually started acting in local theater productions and formed her first rock band at in High School. She worked for three years acting on Spike TV’s Manswers while modeling for dozens of magazines. A few films, TV shows, and web series later, she landed her role as Rebecca Dawles in the feature film The Suffering and everyone’s excited for it’s upcoming release. She tries to pick roles that are emotionally challenging as well as physically as she’s really looking forward to playing the bad ass in as many action films as she can sink her teeth into. It seems that Elizabeth Deo is locked on target and set on doing everything possible to make those dreams of entertaining us all a reality very soon!

Producer: Ian Coyne


Ian Coyne has been making films since his teenage years. Working for highly reputable companies such as Echo Lake, Permut Presentations, Duly Noted, Fresh Produce Films, and Skybox Films, has given him extensive production and development experience. Part of the development team behind the Academy Award winning film, Tsotsi, Ian was also instrumental in the development of Anton Yelchin's breakout performance in Charlie Bartlett. Most recently, Ian produced the first national TV spot for Tesla Motors. After nearly two decades of working in the industry he has established a reputation for being personable, professional, and innovative.

Brandon Rose is an award winning filmmaker that was born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts before making his way out to Los Angeles in search of that ever-elusive sunshine and lack of humidity people kept talking about. He is also a producer of the 2012 film, KEY, directed by the Suffering’s Rob Hamilton, which won for Best Horror Feature at the 2012 World Music and Independent Film Festival. Since KEY, he has gone on to work in a variety of positions ranging from Producer (The Suffering, When She Showed Up), to Assistant Director (Aram, Aram and The Canary), to shooting BTS (Behind The Scenes) on feature films like “Still Punching the Clown” starring Henry Phillips and J.K. Simmons. Safe to say, if it involves a camera, chances are Brandon will try to get himself onto the crew. His directing debut, WHEN SHE SHOWED UP is due to be released in the fall of 2015.

Producer: Brandon Rose

A dramatic push, a shot held, a cut to black. A craft that is best executed when it goes unnoticed. Ryan found his place at the editing bay where his meticulous nature, love of music and natural rhythm help to define his constantly evolving style. Ryan has developed a deep passion for editing and film that pushes him to continue developing his brand.  After graduating from college, Ryan left the tight knit haven of Burlington, Vermont to swim in deeper waters. Los Angeles has opened many doors and opportunities for Ryan who currently works as a multi-faceted editor with projects ranging from world wide commercials for Disney Pixar to music videos for director Larry Clark, and to his most recent feature film.

Film Editor: Ryan Liebert